Habbo Hack - Updated for 2013

Habbo Hotel Hack and Cheats

If you are not familiar with Habbo , it is a online social game that was previously known as Habbo Hotel which started at year 2000 and by the end of the 2011 they had 230 million avatars registered as well as 10 million active players. Its no wonder that Habbo Hotel grew to become such popular game since it allows you to choose your character look as well as customize your room with hundreds of gadgets. Also when you join your Hotel lobby you will be able to chat with your friends via Habbo chat. Also there are 2 type of currency in Habbo Hotel , one of them are coins which are used to buy furniture and Pixels which were removed in mid 2012. There are also seasonal currencies which you can get for example for Christmas and other holidays. Credits or coins can be bought using a credit card or via prepaid cards , and you can use those to even buy your membership in Habbo club or HC. But we want to see how to get free habbo credits and in this post we will explain just that. and not only that , we will give you a nice tutorial how to use the software that we named XSO Habbo Hack, which contains many types of habbo cheats that you will need to make your game as good as you can get. 

What is Habbo Hack ?

When we first got the request to make a small program with Habbo cheats we were having second thoughts about it since back then it was not so popular , but seeing how many players are now requesting it we decided to make the habbo hotel hack which will give you the option to choose between free habbo credits , items and to hack someones account if you want.  Here is the picture of the latest version of Habbo hack main window and where you can download it :

habbo hack 2012-2013

 Download Habbo Hack 2013

Click the download now button to download the latest version of habbo cheats engine

More about Habbo Cheats options

Habbo hack 2013 offers many cheat options , and the most popular one and the one we recommend you try first is free habbo coins hack which will inject to browser and the game itself and change to values of habbo credits to whatever you set them , and that is even done via secured server so your account is completely safe , that is why you get access key in a first place, to use secured server. The other also popular option is the item generator and it will add any in game item to your account , you just have to name it in the habbo hack window.  The 3rd and the last option that you may have as a part of the habbo cheats is the account hack which will generate the password for chosen account and send it to email you enter in the window.  Here are some instructions for using the habbo cheats software

Habbo Cheats

Instructions for Habbo Hack (XSO)

  • Open the browser and the Habbo itself (Chrome and mozzila are the best, but others work too)
  • Get the access key and verify it so you can use secured server
  • Choose if you want items, free habbo credits or someones account password
  • Click start and wait until the process is complete
  • Check your account to see if you got your items or free habbo coins
  • Enjoy !!
We are also updating the software on regular basis and you can see that it is checking for updates every time you run it and we love working on it , we also plan to add some other nice features to it in future but so far these are the 3 most popular habbo cheats that were requested by fans and added in our habbo hack 2012-2013 version.

Here is a nice video about what Habbo hotel is :

We decided it is best to join one of the bigger software developers and with them we can manage to bring you many more good tools and habbo cheats is just one of them. You can visit the http://ezhacks.net/habbo-hack-cheats-2013/ and download the update version that brings many new features such as automatic status detection , improved coin generator and many more in this new version . You can of course still use ours and its basically the same software.


  1. Nice, im actually from France and i tried it on Habbix and it worked , Thanks ! :D

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    1. I live in Spain and i play on Spanish habbo , works great for me :)